Election pub

On November 17, at 17:15 in Tolvan.

An Election pub (Valpub) is just like a normal pub but with some key differences.
There will be information about the elections at the December Chapter Meeting. The board is going to be present and present their various commitments and answer your questions.
There will be support on how you should structure an application.

Esquader pub


The Esquader is the annual sailing trip organized by Konglig Elektrosektion in the early summer. Brace yourselves. The Esquader is coming, and with it the Esquaderpub, this Monday, April 16! The perfect pub for a crew to find a captain, a captain to find a crew, or to just have a nice nautical themed evening.

More information about the Esquader:
The Esquader pub
The Esquader on facebook
The Esquader, homepage

Switcheroo pub GRAND FINAL!


KK invites you all to our spring pub, tomorrow, to celebrate the return of light and warmth to Sweden! We offer good food, enjoyable spring drinks, ice cream drinks, a beaming mood and our usual assortment!
So come to draget tomorrow, 13/5, and enjoy the spring in the company of good friends!

The dinner will be potatoes, carrots and other root crops baked in the oven with chicken/quorn filet and tzatziki!

Switcheroo pub


Dear students.

This is the second pub of the Switcheroo Pubs! An event where Bergs, Kemi and Elektro get together in the same pub, several times, spanned across a couple of weeks. This Monday the pub will be in Tolvan. Keep on lookout for more events to see when the other pubs will be.

Lots of fun stuff will happen during the evening. There are rumors about beer pong/chandeliers tournaments and beer ”hävning” etc.

Switcheroo on Facebook