RECRUITMENT PERIOD FOR SNNC’s PROJECT GROUP IS NOW OPEN! We are looking for the following teams:

  • Communications Team
  • Coordination Team
  • Corporate Relations Team
  • Decor Team
  • Entertainment Team
  • Food and Beverage Team
  • Guest and Safety Team
  • Human Resources Team

Read more about the roles in the recruitment catalogue:

Follow the google form link below to apply for the Project Group of 2021!

Deadline: 19th of March 2021

What is SNNC?
SNNC involves 300 plus students from all major universities in the Stockholm area each year and there are few words that describe the Students’ Nobel Nightcap better than limitless. Because it truly is a project filled with limitless opportunities and memories for its members and a project where the old saying: “the sky’s the limit” simply does not apply.

On the tenth of December 2021, SNNC will once again open and welcome around 2000 guests to the official afterparty of the Nobel Banquet. As the doors open, the secret theme will be revealed and with the blink of an eye and all the planning and preparation will suddenly spring to life and mark the start for a once in a lifetime night for some and the peak of the chance of a lifetime for everyone involved.

ε-sport tournament 2021

Hello everyone! After last years success, we have decided to once again, on the 9th and 10th of April, host a EMiT-based, two day long gaming tournament/gaming night, in which participants can either compete in the League of Legends/CS GO tournaments, or meet some new people on the Discord server who plays the same games as you, and just have fun! It would be awesome if you could join us, and if there is an interest, click on the link that takes you to the Google Forms to submit your interest!

NKT Trainee Program

[Trainee program]

If you’re the ambitious type, you probably already know the benefits of a trainee program at a large international engineering company. Salary and benefits like any other employee, and a guaranteed position after the program. Ours is no exception.

NKT’s trainee program gives you a unique possibility to learn the industry and our company from the ground up, work in an international environment across functions, and build a strong company network. The program includes both theoretical and practical aspects, and tailored training is integrated.

Learn more on our website