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About Us

International Electrical Engineers - IEE, is an association at the student union at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Our aim is to introduce electrical and medical engineering students to hands-on academic research.

There’s an absence of information for students who want to pursue an academic career. Doctoral studies often require prior research experience and willingness to lead a specific lifestyle. Yet, efforts to build this experience remain limited at KTH.

We bring students closer to academia by helping them find international research opportunities. This will allow students to gain first-hand insight into life as a graduate student, introduce them to working in a research environment, and connect them with faculty members and future supervisors.

How to Apply

Visit the internships page to view open applications. Then send an email to iee@e.kth.se with the required documents described for each internship. Your application will be considered by the recruiter who will contact you if you are suitable for the position.

The IEE Board

Axel Back Enocksson

Fourth year master student in Electric Power Engineering.
Email: axebe@kth.se.

John Cao

Head of the board. Fourth year master student in System Control and Robotics.
Email: johncao@kth.se

Ossian Arn

Fourth year master student in Machine Learning.
Email: oarn@kth.se