Konglig Elektrosektionens StudieNämnd oversees and maintains course and program quality for all courses that belong to Konglig Elektrosektionen. ESN communicates with course participants and those responsible for the courses, but also with the personel responsible for the entire program.

SNO – StudieNämndsOrdförande is the chairman of the group. SNO participates in meetings with the study council at THS to speak for Konlig Elektrosektionen, but also as a student representative at regular meetings for the entire EECS school. SNO is reached at

vSNO – Vice StudieNämndsOrdförande assists SNO in their work.

PAS – ProgramAnsvarig Student (Program responsible student) attends study councils and school councils, representing Konglig Elektrosektionen.

Isolator – The Isolator works as a safety representative for the students. The Isolator sees to the quality of the study environment, both physical and social. The Isolator is also a member of the equality council.

ÅRe1,2,3 – ÅrskursRepresentanter (year representatives) are chosen from year one to year three. They see to setting up at least one course representative for each course, making the communication between teachers and students is easier and keeping the quality high.

MAS – MasterprogramsAnsvariga Studenter (master program responsible students) is designated by SNO for all master programs that is assigned the chapter of Electrical Engineering. MAS take part of councils connected to the education on the program and work together with the program directive to improve future course offerings and the education.

Mail list for all MAS: – Information and Network Engineering – Nanotechnology – Electromagnetism, Fusion and Space Engineering – Electric Power Engineering – System, Control and Robotics

ESN is reached by mailing

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