The Dungeon Guild

Who is the Dungeon Guild?

The Dungeon Guild is a group of engaged medicine- and electro technologists who make sure that everything in Tolvan is being taken care of.  The Dungeon Guild is led by three Dungeon Masters, Dungeon Master (Board), Dungeon Master (E) and Dungeon Master (MiT). These are the ones you contact if you want to book Tolvan!

What does the Dungeon Guild do??

  • Make sure that everything technical in Tolvan is functioning.
  • Make sure that all consumables such as detergent and toilet paper won’t run out.
  • Make sure it’s possible to rent a locker.
  • Make sure there is candy, soda, patches and overalls to be purchased.
  • Make sure Tolvan is being cleaned and tidied up periodically.
  • Make sure that sofas in a reasonable amount are found and taken care of.


If you want to join the Dungeon Guild or if you have a question for any of the Dungeon Masters, mail The Dungeon Masters.

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