President’s decision on the following semester

Hello everyone! Sigbritt Karlsson, the president of KTH, has now made an official decision on the following autumn semester, based on the recent governmental guidelines.

The full decision is only availiable in Swedish, however some important points are:

  • Education will be carried out offline, on campus, but elements such as large lectures will be replaced by other alternatives.
  • Grading through standard offline exams will be avoided as far as possible. Online zoom exams, however, will also be phased out.
  • KTH will be accomodating foreign exchange students.
  • Disputations can be made physically on campus, but it will also be possible to participate through an online meeting.

Join the international reception as an electrolyte!

Hello everyone!

Every year new international students come to KTH and our chapters. This fall it’s time for another international reception to give them a great welcome. So if you want to help us make this the best EMiT international reception yet, apply to become an electrolyte! As an electrolyte (buddy in our reception) you will help arrange events during the first few weeks of the semester and make sure the new international students feel welcomed. Apart from meeting new friends and all the other benefits of being an electrolyte or erythrocyte, Swedish students who spend 25 hours working in international receptions also get 0.2 extra points on their GPA when applying for exchange studies. If this sounds interesting please fill out the form below and we will get in touch, the last day to apply is 8th of June.

Application form:–CjUerE1eqLgBwdcHsVG9G2rN09jm0CW8DnS-M4pyoPw/viewform?usp=sf_link

//IntSekt and INA