Since 2014, the career fair Elarm and Farm was joined together to form ElFy, Electrical and Physics collaborated career fair. The events were brought into one in order to increase the number of relevant companies attending the fair, and to improve the relationship with the industry. The fair itself is intended for electrical engineering and engineering physics students, but is open for students of all line of educations at KTH. The next career fair is going to take place on the 15th of Febuary 2017 in Nymble, the main building of the THS student organization, and is expected to be the biggest event yet.

The purpose of ElFy is to create an arena for the students of KTH and the industry, to make connections and lessen the gap between studies and their future trade. Your company can through ElFy gain a valuable opportunity to strengthen your brand and become an attractive employer, as well as make contact with the 1400 students either studying Electro or Technical physics currently at KTH. If your company would like to represent themselves at the career fair or if there are any questions, you can either contact the project leader through the following email adress:  projektledare.elektro@elfy.se or you can visit our website: Elfy.se

Hope to see you at the Career fair!