Elektrosektionen constitutes a group of different activities which all aims to promote its members’ studies as well as their present and future well-being.

We have among other things PR, who organizes parties and pubs in our Chapter Hall at Osquars Backe 12 which is taken care of by Källargillet. We have a Student Educational Committee, ESN, trying to ensure the quality of our education. A Business Relations Group keeping a good relation with our future employers by for instance organizing  ElFy. On top of this we have a Sports Committee, ELIN, a group organizing the reception of new students, Fadderiet and a couple of Chapter Societies for our members enjoyment. More information about each group can be found on the separate pages linked above. Most of our activities as well as our chapter hall are also shared with The Medical Engineering Chapter.

Lastly, the Chapter has its own car named NBY which members can use.

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