ProgramRådet (PR) is the Electrical Engineering Chapter and MiTs (Medical Engineering Chapter) common party organizers. PR consists of three event chiefs (right now they are Felix Elfström (E), Pooneh Ghaffari (MiT) and Rasmus Neuman (Batman)) and a number of kalasPingloR and festPRissar (which are the members). If you are interested in becoming a part of PR you can show your interest by emailing or talking to one of the event chiefs. We are not always looking for new members but it is always welcome to announce your interest.

Some of the magnificent events that PR arrange every year are n0llepubrundan, n0llegasquen, spring ball and our Christmas dinner LussePRe. If you feel like you can contribute with a good idea for a party, if you want to arrange a theme night and have the bar open or if you just have a request for a certain beer/cider, don’t hesitate to get in touch with PR.

You can contact PR at
We are also on Facebook!

Note: when ProgramRådet throws a party their serving policy applies. You can find the latest version here!

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