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  1. avatar lukasjh says:

    Hej, Kessso tänker ha ett årsmöte och brädspelkväll i 12an, 28/9, kl 17:00-00:00. Var det här sånt registrerades? det var ett tag sedan. Mvh, Lukas Jacobsson Hakola, Evenemangsansvarig kessso

  2. avatar Oumeng Li says:

    Hi, what do ‘tolvan’,’bilen’ and ‘funq’ mean?

    • avatar Max Ekstedt says:

      Hi! Max here, Dungeon Master for MedTech! Tolvan (12an) is the name of our section house, located at Osquars Backe 12. Bilen is our section car, and FUNQ is this context is a room you can ask to book in 12an for private meetings and such. Hope this answered your questions!

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