Information concerning new covid-19 restrictions

Information concerning new covid-19 restrictions

Hello! Since the Public health agency has come out with new recommendations for the Stockholm area (these can be found at In light of this, THS and KTH have put out new restrictions and recommendations.

KTH’s restrictions can be found at For the moment, the recommendation is mainly to stay home as much as possible, as long as one doesn’t have anything scheduled on campus. The library will be deciding whether to stay open, and will announce their decision on Monday 2/11.

THS has decided the following concerning their activities:

  • As a result of the new guidelines that came yesterday (29/10), some changes will take place with us in the union.
    All bookings by Osqvik will be canceled until the 19/11. THS will refund the booking fee for those of you who have imposed one.
  • All events in our union house Nymble will be canceled, in order to further promote the opportunity to use the study places in the house. THS will refund the booking fee for those of you who have imposed one.
  • We will evaluate the number of study places in Nymble, if they should be fewer than they are today, in order to give you who come here the right conditions to keep your distance in order to follow the current recommendations.

What will not change?

  • We will maintain the same opening hours in Nymble.
  • The restaurant, bookstore, THS Café and KårX will continue to be open and run their business.
  • Nymble will still be able to be used to administer your Democratic meetings, such as section meetings and board meetings. BUT only for those who lead the meeting, for example the Presidium of the Speaker or the like. The meeting itself will need to take place digitally.

If you have questions around these recommendations, feel free to ask the Chapter board!

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