Teknologföreningen to visit Tolvan!

Teknologföreningen to visit Tolvan!

After a wonderful gasque at our Finnish neighbours’ at Teknologförningen, the time has come for us to invite them back.

On March 4th, at 18:30, the boards for the E and MiT chapters are hosting a gasque guested by both you, and members from Teknologföreningen.

The evening will begin on home turf, with a welcome drink in Tolvan. The gasque itself will be held in Gasquen inside Nymble, followed by an afterparty in Tolvan, and a silliz the following day.

Tickets will be released on Febuary 26th at 20:23, and will cost 200 SEK each (170 SEK for non-alcoholic tickets). Many people will be getting a shot at these tickets, so you’ll need to act fast!

Please note: Only members of the E and MiT chapters may purchase tickets for this event.

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