Exjobb hos Excillium!

Exjobb hos Excillium!

Hey Master students,

We welcome you to apply for one of our thesis projects.

As young professional we offer you:

  • Supervision by one of our Senior Engineers or Scientists
  • Product with global reach
  • Multidisciplinary technology

We welcome Master students on the last year of your studies at Swedish university or campus to start your Master Thesis project in January 2020.

All projects will be run at our Lab in Kista. After finalizing your degree project you will receive a compensation of 30.000 SEK (before TAX).

Welcome to apply! Apply Here

Thesis suggestions:

X-ray radiation effects on electronics and embedded systems

Subject/field: Electrical Engineering, Embedded systems

The project will focus on knowledge if or how X-ray radiation affects electronics / embedded systems located next to an X-ray source. The aim is to develop a method and to quantify how X-ray exposure on electronics / embedded system can or will affects its performance and longtime reliability.

Courses in: Programming, Embedded systems

Skills in: Embedded C/C++, Matlab/Simulink, Electronics, Embedded systems

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