KTH Innovation Challenge 2015

KTH Innovation Challenge 2015

Is your research a software based project with commercial potential? Then KTH Innovation have a challenge for you!

KTH Innovation Challenge 2015 is for innovative student projects in all fields where one of the core elements is software.
Whether it is an algorithm, database, a cloud based service or app – enter the competition and our SEK 50 000 could fund some vital activities and boost your chances of reaching customers and end users.

All you have to do is describe your project in terms of the need it addresses, the solution it offers, the benefits to end users and how it is different to other products or services on the market.
There is a quick and simple online form to fill out and winners will be selected after follow-up interviews with the top projects.

Read more and apply here no later than 30th November.

Do you want to know more about Innovation at KTH and how we can help your research create impact in society?
Welcome to a lunchtime session on innovation on 25th November 11:00-13:00
Read more about it on our website or go straight to the registration page!

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