Volunteers for ICRA 2016

Volunteers for ICRA 2016

ICRA 2016 is currently looking for more student volunteers.

What is ICRA?
ICRA is the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.
It’s the largest yearly scientific conference on this topic. This year,
it will be hosted by KTH at Stockholm Waterfront, May 16-21. More
details at: www.icra2016.org

What does a volunteer do?
As a volunteer, you will help with various tasks at the conference, such
as staffing the registration desks, assisting speakers with presentation
equipment, helping participants to find their way around the venue,
distribute lunch bags, e.t.c. You will also help with some preparations
before the conference, such as preparing bags with materials for
attendants. You will receive detailed instructions after signing up.

What’s in it for me?
As a volunteer, you will get full access to the conference. When you are
not on duty (approx. 50% of the time), you are free to attend any talks,
presentations, and exhibitions you want. You will get free access to the
social events (buffet style receptions with nice food and a possibility
to meet world leading researchers in the robotics field). You will get
your own conference bag, conference T-shirt, and USB stick with all 800+
papers presented at the conference. You will be served lunch. After the
conference, you will receive a certificate that you have worked as a
student volunteer.

Cool, how do I sign up?
Send an e-mail with your name and affiliation (e.g. 2nd year MS student
in program X) to volunteers@icra2016.org. State that you are interested
in becoming a volunteer, and you will be contacted with more details.

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