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Klass: E18

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  • ÅRe Åk 3: 2020-11-01 - 2021-10-31
  • Isolator tillika skyddsombud: 2021-01-01 - 2021-12-31
  • Equality committee evening in Tolvan

    The equality committee is searching for new members! We invite you to a cosy evening Tuesday 27/10 at Tolvan where you can ask your questions about the equality work and the equality committee. There will be pizza and fun activities! Regarding the COVID-19 situation: There can be a maximum of 50 people in Tolvan at…
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    (Svenska) Information från kanslifrukost

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    (Svenska) Information för Oktober-SM

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    Sign up for a Hackathon!

    Do you like programming? Do you like hacking? Then you should participate in the Junction 2020 Connected Hackathon! The Hackathon will take place at hubs in several different countries, of which Stockholm is one. There will be nice prizes, first place gets 10 000€! Sign up on https://app.hackjunction.com/events/junction-2020-connected with the code “ELEKTROSEKTIONEN KTH2020”, last sign-up…
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    (Svenska) Anmälan för fysisk närvaro på Oktober-SM

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    Digital degree project fair 2020

    Hello everyone! KTH will soon be hosting a digital degree project fair, where everyone is welcome to explore the various opportunities for degree projects that are available. The fair will take place on Zoom from October 14 to October 15, more information and the meeting link can be found on: https://www.kth.se/…/degree…/for-students-1.950733

    (Svenska) Ny information kring festtillstånd i KTH:s lokaler

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    (Svenska) Inställda festanmälningar i KTH:s lokaler

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    (Svenska) Kurs för stresshantering för studenter

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    Participate in shaping KTH:s future sustainability work!

    Are you interested in sustainability? Do you want to participate in the making of KTH:s sustainability goals for 2021-2025? Then you should attend the sustainability goal workshop September 3! Read more at: https://www.kth.se/en/om/miljo-hallbar-utveckling/event/kalender/mhu/workshop-kth-s-new-sustainability-objectives-1.992106 Register yourself for the workshop at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfH6q5YJPKe0ZrQMaKKUMC-F0TvmedKNdOlhMp89bDaSa4pSA/viewform  

    Nominate someone for The President’s equality and diversity prize for students!

    Nominations are now open for The President’s equality and diversity prize for students. If you know of a student/students who has made a contribution to equality and diversity work at KTH, do not hesitate to nominate them! The work must have been done during 2019/2020 and be related to work environment, education, or research at…
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    Access to the chapter hall during the reception

    Hello everyone! During the Swedish and international receptions the chapter hall is very busy. This is compounded by the current restriction on 50 people in the chapter hall. Therefore we kindly ask chapter members to avoid staying in Tolvan as much as possible for reasons not connected to the receptions. If you have important errands…
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    President’s decision on the following semester

    Hello everyone! Sigbritt Karlsson, the president of KTH, has now made an official decision on the following autumn semester, based on the recent governmental guidelines. The full decision is only availiable in Swedish, however some important points are: Education will be carried out offline, on campus, but elements such as large lectures will be replaced…
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    Voting in the chapter meeting

    To vote in the chapter meeting you need to be logged in to VoteIT: http://sfsfum.voteit.se/ths-1/ If you were present last chapter meeting, use the login you made then, otherwise you will have received an invite to create a login to your KTH mail (provided you’re a student union member) The meeting is on zoom at: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/196488317

    (Svenska) Kanslifrukost 3

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