Henrik Åkerberg


Klass: E18

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  • Equality and diversity survey

    Hello everyone! It’s time for the Electrical engineering and Medical engineering chapters’ annual survey on equality and diversity! Find the survey at https://forms.gle/pfGCetRBhNDCsrVF6 and fill in your response! The survey…
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    (Svenska) Guide till Extra-SM

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

    Survey on digital education

    Hello everyone! At the moment the student union THS is working with KTH to ensure the studies will work as smoothly as possible given the circumstances. It is important that…
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    Important information concerning Covid-19

    KTH is encouraging all students arriving from regions that The Public Health Agency of Sweden has declared as outbreak areas to not visit KTH for 14 days after their arrival…
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    Elections for the student union management group and council

    The application for the student union management group and the student union council is open! To run as a candidate for the student union council, go to ths.kth.se/en, “My page”…
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    February chapter meeting


    Breakfast with the EECS office for student affairs

    This week the chapter board has had its first breakfast with the EECS office for student affairs, and some questions about the studies have been discussed. Here is some information…
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