Breakfast with the EECS office for student affairs

This week the chapter board has had its first breakfast with the EECS office for student affairs, and some questions about the studies have been discussed. Here is some information the office wants to share with the students.

  • The Stockholm Student Health Services have moved from Albanova to Studentpalatset, near Odenplan. Here you can see a therapist, as well as get help dealing with stress during your education. For more information:
  • Students starting their master education during or after 2019 must have completed their bachelor’s education completely.
  • Some courses will have stricter requirements of having completed preceding courses. To make up for this, the study counsellors are exploring ways to accomodate for more chances to pass a course, for example continuous examination during the course. The study counsellors would like to have students’ feedback and ideas regarding this question.
  • The study counsellor will soon be taking appointments online.

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