(Svenska) Tentapub/Tentagasque med tema Schlager

(Svenska) Tentapub/Tentagasque med tema Schlager

Throw away the stress of the exams, put on the glitter make-up and sing in the highest pitch you can. Or bring the favourite slippers together with a nice snack in front  of the TV. Or cover your ears and wait in a dark room until it is over. The theme for this years tentapub is Schlager.

Hope you will join us for a great evening in Tolvan. We will have a Dinner sitting with song, food and drink to celebrate that the first exam period is over.

Ambitious costumes that follows the theme is allways fun, but if you have a overall it is great to bring that as well if you want to continue to Nymble afterwards.

The tickets can be purchased through this link:


They are on sale from 12:21 the 18th untill they are sold out.


P.S Did you know ABBA took inspiration for their logo from our logo while they was at one of our parties? 😉

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