Elections for Okt-SM

Elections for Okt-SM

The next Chapter Meeting will be held the 10:th October, and for this meeting the following positions will be elected:

  1. IntSekt
  2. Krill
  3. ÅRe
  4. E-post
  5. Esquaderamiralen
  6. Vice Idrottsledar(en)
  7. Hurtbullar

Don’t know what the position means, or just want to know more? The following link will take you to a brochure explaining the positions further (for now only available in swedish).

Candidacies are sent via mail to val@e.kth.se by answering to the following questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Which position are you running for?
  3. What qualifies you for the position?

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