Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

The May Chapter Meeting will soon take place. If you would like to know which posts that will be chosen, go to the pub in Tolvan on April 18 to get more information. The presentations will start at 17:30!


Short English summary about each position:
Snörvaran –
Organizes the yearly skiing trip together with Sektionen för Medicinsk Teknik

Vice Intsekt –
Do you speak English, and perhaps some other language? Do you enjoy meeting people from other
countries and cultures? Would you like to arrange events and be part of the fastest growing organ of
the Electrical Engineering Chapter? In that case, you should apply for the position as Vice Intsekt at
the Chapter Meeting in may!
The EES International Committee strives to include international students at the EE School into the
Electrical Engineering Chapter of the Student Union. For example, the committee arranges events
aimed specifically towards international students, as well as including the international students in
“regular” activities such as sporting events and parties.

Idrottsledar(en) –
Head of ELIN. Organizes sport activities such as floorball in KTH-hallen

Carakarl –
Makes sure that the chapters car works as intended

Project manager for Elfy –
Responsible of organizing the work fair in February

Källarmästare utanför styrelsen “dungeon master” –
Head of källargillet and therefore also responsible to make sure that Tolvan is clean etc

Paleograf(er) –
Responsible of the chapters archive.

Submit your candidacy to no later than 3/5 12:01.
Please answer the following questions in your mail:
Who are you?
Experience within and outside the chapter
Why are you applying to the position?
What is your visions with the position?
What do you want to change with the position?

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